App FAQs
Is RGKit Play App compatible with iOS and Android? Can I use RGKit Play without having the app open? How many times can I repeat the same action? Why can I only loop the action when the Touch module is connected? How can I 2 sync the movement of multiple modules at the same time? Can I connect multiple Touch sensors at the same time? What does the value that appears below Touch module on the app represents? Why can’t I set the acceleration type for the Adjustable Arm? Why isn’t the departure delay I set working on the first run? Can I set the time to the fraction of a second? How are the Rotators sorted in Auto Mode? How do I connect 1 module (Rotator / Plugger)? I‘m connected to RGKit Play’s WiFi, but I still get a connection error on the app. I got a message to allow RGKit Play to access my local network. Do I need to accept? Will RGKit Play modules keep running if I close the RGKit Play App on my phone? I’m trying to access my internet while connected to RGKit Play Wifi and got a notification suggesting that I should switch to cellular data since wifi is not working. Why do I get the overload or maximum limit reached notification ? How do I update RGKit Play’s modules (motors & sensors)? How do I change the measuring system (metric / imperial)on RGKit Play App? Why can’t I reduce my start time? How can I get the walkthrough 'Get Started' on the app again? Do I have to set the country voltage for the Plugger? How do I connect multiple modules (Rotator / Plugger / Touch)? How do I save the settings/parameters of my project on RGKit Play App? How can I rename the Rotator or the Plugger on the app? I can’t find the speed parameter in the Rotator's settings I can’t enter a lower duration value in the Rotator’s parameters I can’t enter a higher duration value in the Rotator’s parameters How do I connect RGKit PLAY?